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Aisling Community

A pilgrimage (peregrinatio)

For the Celtic Christian, there was no divided church. We walk today in that truth: one Lord, one spirit, one baptism.


Today there is a growing conviction amomg most Christians that the institutional Church, in its current form and state, has exhausted itself as a spiritual and moral resevoir for Western civilisation. As we watch the institutional churches emptying at an ever-increasing pace, particularly in the Western world, we share that sense and believe that a revitilisation, a new way of being, even a new 'way of seeing' is sorely needed for the Christian faith. These days, more and more people are turning to the teachings of early Celtic Christianity seeking answers, seeking ideas for a fresh start, a 'new song', and we welcome you to our modern-day expression of that new song.


The Hermit's Song   


  I wish, O son of the Living God, ancient eternal King

for a secret hut in the wilderness

that it may be my dwelling.


A very blue shallow well to be beside it,

a clear pool for washing sins through the grace of the Holy Spirit.


A beautiful wood close by around it on every side,

for the nurture of many-voiced birds, to shelter and hide it.


Facing south for warmth,

a little stream across its enclosure,

a choice ground with abundant bounties which would be good for every plant.

Fragrant fresh leeks, hens, speckled salmon, bees.


My fill of clothing and of food from the King of good fame,

and for me to be sitting for a while praying to God in every place.


- From ninth century Irish


Note: if you have your sound on, the song you are hearing is "Tar a thighearna… Tar a thi" which translates from Gaelic as "Come, Oh thou Lord… Come Oh thou being"